Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas/Holiday Card #18 - Bethlehem

City of David - Bethlehem take two!  I finally got a design/layout for this stamp set that I'm satisfied with.

The first one is made with brushed silver card stock cut into a center step card.  I stayed with silver, white and black color combo.  I used silver glimmer paper for the stars, it added just the perfect amount of bling.

Don't you just love it?  Here's the side view, where you can see the steps.

I'm on a roll... can't stop with just that one card.  I tried the same idea but with color and this time I cut the red card stock into a side step card to accommodate the die cut main image.

Here's a side shot.

I'm pleased with these results!  Now onto the poinsettias, I'm still fine tuning the construction and texture to translate the ideas in my head onto paper.

Until the next post my friends............ Cheers!!!

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