Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas/Holiday Cards #20 - Stand Up Card

This is another card design/layout I wanted to try for a while now but never got around to it.  I have some flocked window sheets included with Stampin' Up's Candlelight Christmas Specialty DSP  pack that I wanted to use to make something other than a card.  The flocked sheets are so pretty I wanted them to stand out...... what better way to use them than a stand up card!

I didn't add a label to write on or a sentiment because I'm going to use this as a display "stand" for my handmade ornaments.  It folds flat so you can mail it or in my case, it will be easy to store away.

I've only seen a picture of this type of card so I had to come up with the measurements and construction.  It took a couple of tries, I kept cutting the wrong side, but I was able to put it together.  Hopefully, these pictures will give you an idea of how to create one if you want to try this type of card.  It has so much potential.

I used two 4.25” x 5.5” card stocks. Punch or cut an opening in the middle of the two pieces. On the 1st piece, cut a 1/4” slit on the top and bottom of the opening (inside).  I scored the middle of the card stock to make sure the slits are lined up.  On the 2nd piece, cut a  1/4” slit from the top (outside) and 2-3/4" slit from the bottom (outside).

The tricky part is sliding the 2nd piece into the 1st piece.  Gently guide the 2nd piece with the long slit into the opening of the 1st piece, you need to bend it but with a little patience it should fall into place.  You can use patterned paper instead of cardstock and add embellishments on all four sides.  TIP: try it on an old card stock or paper you're not too fond of so if you messed up the first try you don't waste your good supplies like I did!

Hope that gives you an idea on how to create this card.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time............ Cheers!!!

All supplies used are from Stampin'Up.

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