Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Square Cone Christmas Ornaments

I'm finally getting around to making paper ornaments for Christmas.  This idea has been around for a few years now but it's one I haven't tried.  And then this weekend I saw a similar one at Target and thought I can make this.

Here are the three I have completed so far.  The big ones are roughly 8.5" wide and the small one is about 6" wide.

These were made with squares formed into a cone.  The blue and red were made with 3" and 2.5" squares.  The metallic chocolate was made with 2" and 1.5" squares.

Cut 12 squares according to your desired size.  You also need a round base, mine was cut from cardstock.  I used a 3.5" diameter for the big ones and a 2.5" for the small one.

I formed all the cones before adding adhesive to speed up the process.  The suggested adhesive is hot glue to hold the cone shape but I kept burning my fingers so I switched to double sided tape.  See photo below for adhesive placement.

As you complete a cone, place it on the circle base so you can see if you have enough squares.  Mine used 12 cones  for each layer but if your cones are narrower than mine, you might need 13 or more.  Make sure there's no gap between the cones.  I used a hot glue gun to adhere the cones to the circle base.  If you're adding ribbons, glue them in place as you do the cones.  Once the first layer is done, continue with the smaller cones to form the second layer.  Add a decorative focal point and a ribbon or something similar to hang your ornament.

The first layer of the blue one was done by alternating the designs.  Why you asked?  Because I messed up and applied adhesive on the wrong side of the paper on a few of the squares so I alternated the prints.  The second layer was all uniform.  You might not even notice it but I thought I'd bring it up to avoid confusion.   I used cherry tulle ribbon and silver thread for accents and pleated cherry ribbon for the hanger.

The design is better defined in this red one since I used uniform patterned cones on both layers.  I used lace ribbon and gold thread for accents and looped multiple gold threads for the hanger.

The chocolate metallic is simply gorgeous in real life.  I used lace ribbon for accents and hanger.  I've already cut up the squares in red metallic and green metallic for my next ornaments.  I'll add the pictures when I'm done.

There are other ornaments I'm itching to do but for now I have to get back to card making.  I still have one order to complete and another one that came in today that I need to get done fast.

Until the next post.............. Cheers!!!

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