Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chirstmas Square Collage

I finally put together the swaps I got back for the Christmas Square Collage.   My Christmas swap was posted  HERE.  Remember the Halloween collage swap?  This is the Christmas/Holiday version and next up is the Valentine collage due in January.

I found this 8" x 10" silver picture frame from my local paper outlet.  It was mark down with an additional 50% off so the final cost was $2.15.  It's perfect for my collage project.

Some of the swaps I got had so much dimension they would not fit in the frame.  I decided to "frame" them over the glass so I don't crush the designs.

One of the squares exceeds the 3/8" maximum size so I used it like a medallion on the frame itself.  Below are closer shots so you can see the details.

I really enjoy this square collage swap.  You get so much ideas from other stampers/crafters that you can incorporate with other projects.

I'm pretty much done with the card orders this season.  I'm now focusing on the fun stuff.

Until the next post............. Cheers!!!

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