Monday, September 17, 2012

Day Five - What will we eat?

Mom is leaving for the Philippines today to visit her sisters and brother.  She will be there for four weeks.  The main topic of conversation during family gathering leading up to her departure date has been what will we eat while Mom is away?.

In addition to our family gathering EVERY Saturday, my son Ian and I, my sister Ida and brother Joel eat dinner at Mom's EVERY day.  That's because we all live next door to each other for the last ten years or so.  Every Saturday, with few exceptions, my sister May and her son Nicholas, my sister Leila, Ida, Joel, Me and Ian  come over to Mom's to hang out and eat lunch.  Occasionally, my brother Aser and his family would come down from Sacramento.

Saturday morning we gather the food.  Trips to Berkeley Bowl, Monterey Market, 99 Ranch, Oakland Chinatown, Farmer's market in El Cerrito, Berkeley or South City.  In the summer, we go to the farms:  Larry's in Suisun, a couple of cherry farms in Brentwood or Suisun area, peach farms in Capay Valley and other ones in between.  In the fall, we drive to Half Moon Bay to pick up fresh crabs.

Where ever we get the food, Mom cooks and we eat.  We've learned not to say, "you know what's good, (name any dish)" if you don't really mean it because Mom will make it the next day, if not the same day.

Did I mention we're all grown adults, except for Ian and Nicholas, who eat Mom's cooking regularly?  We love hanging out as a family and actually have a great time together.

What now, you ask?  The consensus seems to be eating a lot of salads.

I'm sure I'll make some crock pot meals but take outs sound good to me!!!

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