Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween - Square Collage Swaps

The Halloween Square Swaps are here.  I received my swaps in the mail today and quickly arranged them in two frames that I found laying around.  I must say that some of them are pretty amazing, my little ol' swap pales in comparison, see previous post HERE.  Remember that the required size for these is no more than 1-3/8" and if you consider the details in such a small canvas, you'll truly appreciate the beauty of these babies.

I picked my favorites, arranged and pasted them on a lavender mat and slipped them in this black frame from Ikea.  Two of the ladies didn't get their swaps in on time so I only have 18 pieces.  I didn't want to file the other six so I looked for another frame and found this white one also from Ikea that was meant for another project but it was the perfect size to display the six leftovers.

This whole process took about fifteen minutes to complete and I have two very nice Halloween decorations. Not bad at all!!

This is a seasonal swap and the next one is a Holiday theme.  I'm very excited to start the next one.


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