Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas Card Swap - October Meeting

In the beginning of September I designed my swap card for my card group's October meeting.  I made sure I have enough supplies for 25 cards after I decided on the design.  For weeks, I would look at the sample I made and somehow cannot get onto the next step, which is to start making the other 24 cards to complete my swaps.  I love the design and the elements but can't find the motivation to proceed.

When I was playing with the sponged frame technique and came up with the red cardinals I knew that my swap cards will change.  If you read my post on the red cardinal cards here and sponged frame technique here you know how excited I was about the results.  So 25 swap cards were quickly put together.  Below is the card I swapped.

Another angle.

Our group meeting was on Saturday, October 13th.  At each meeting, there is a Swap Card Contest.  All the meeting attendees get to pick their three favorite cards.  Guess who won?  ME, first place baby!!!  How cool is that?   I picked the Halloween Kit as my prize and will share my projects soon.


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