Friday, October 5, 2012

Orchids - Psychopsis Mariposa & Bulbophyllum Makoyaanum

I found these two exotics, surprisingly, in a shopping center flower stall that only sells orchids.  Surprising in the sense that these type of stores normally just carry different varieties of  the "standards" - dendrubiums, phalaenopsis, cattleyas, cymbidiums or oncidiums.

This is a Psychopsis Mariposa, very striking and odd at the same time.  I heard some people call them spider orchids but for me the name mariposa is more fitting because in my dialect mariposa means giant moth, and these one looks just like a giant moth.  The size is pretty impressive, it's about 8 inches to the tip of the "antennae".

This other one, I have never seen before.  I asked the seller if it is an orchid and he said yes.  He said most people call them daisy orchid for apparent reason but the scientific name is Bulbophyllum Makoyaanum.  He also mentioned that unlike daisies, each "petal" is a flower.  So this particular one has eleven flowers in one stem.  Compared to the Psychopsis Mariposa, the Bulbophyllum Makoyaanum is tiny, about 2 inches in diameter.  It's not the best shot but the best I can get with my cell phone camera.  The smell is not very pleasant either.  Most orchids, not all, if they have a scent usually smell like vanilla or different variations of vanilla scents.

I didn't buy either one because plants die on my watch and my Mom just left for a four-week vacation.  A lot can happen in four weeks!!!  When she gets back and if they have another blooming Psychopsis Mariposa, I'll get her one and I can come over whenever I want to see the flower.

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  1. Hi Irene,
    It's a beautiful orchid, could you tell me the name flower shop that I contact for the Psychopsis Mariposa?